This is what it means to age gracefully…

God save the queen

I’m sick of the media telling us women can only be beautiful during a very tiny portion of their lives. Look at this amazing person, and tell me she hasn’t always been and remains to this day drop dead gorgeous.

Ladies, you’re always and forever beautiful. Remember that.

I’m not saying that beauty is the most important thing, I’m only saying your age will never steal it from you. So just keep rockin’ it.

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If a mark was left on my ribcage
every time you made my heart pound
then my bleached bones would be streaked purple
bruises spattered like fallen leaves scattered across snow.
But there is no coldness here
only blazing warmth
blossoming through my veins
each seed blooming until I am petals and blood
and perfume
all swirling in the air
every time you smile at me.

We are flowers wrapped in skin.  (via accio-cosima)